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Creating a cohesive home with art when you move in together


When you first move in together there is that awkward combination period. It happens once that excitement of the move is about ten seconds old and you realize that you are two individuals living in a single space.  Your roommate/partner/spouse might say how excited they are to put their giant framed kitten inspirational poster over the couch and you are like, “OH NO, YOU DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT” and your insides violently revolt and you immediately want to attack that furry ball of cuteness with a paper shredder. That is the moment you realize how this might be a smidge tougher than you thought. You are two people with two different styles trying to come up with one cohesive home.

The good news is: IT CAN BE DONE! You can create a stylish space that reflects both of you without throwing everything out and starting new. Here are some of the ways to do that with art.



One of the easiest ways to create a cohesive home with art is by creating a gallery wall. A gallery wall is basically just a grouping of pictures, art or memorabilia hung together in a creative and balanced way. You and your roomie might have two separate collections, but if you can combine them into one big collection, you can come up with a solution that best reflects both of your styles, personalities and lives. How do you combine things that don’t seem to go together? Well, one way to do that is with frames. You can match the frames in style or color to make everything look more cohesive.

Picking up a bunch of old frames and a can of spray paint is cheap and effective! You can also do it by choosing a color in the actual art. Let’s say your hipster poster has a smidge of red in it— that could match with your roommate’s red industrial wall clock. See how that works? By taking both collections and making them one big display, you can both stake your claim to this space and present a more stylish home.



Another way of creating a cohesive home with art is by framing things that reflect both you and your partner. Think of commonalities in your relationship with that person and ways to make DIY art that show them. Let’s just say you met at your favorite restaurant— frame a coaster that they use there! Maybe your first trip together was to an exotic location— frame those ticket stubs! Perhaps you went to a concert together right after you met— there are some awesome apps that can transform your photos into artwork that is totally wall-worthy! Take those common threads that you share with your roommate (even a hand-drawn picture of your new place) and turn them into art. Not only will it help create a cohesive home, but it will also be a great reminder of all the fun you have with that special person.

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What do you do when you don’t have any shared experiences and no collections to combine? Make some new art together! Not only is it fun, but you will also be making memories that last a lifetime. There are lots of ways to make DIY art and it’s amazing what you can do with a blank or old canvas, some paint and a little painter’s tape.

Explore different ways to create something! We used five different spray paint colors to make a simple triangle shape and then outlined, filled in, and highlighted areas till it resembled an ikat creation perfect for a shared space. Don’t forget to sign your creation in the corner with a paint pen!

These are just simple ways to use art to create a more cohesive home.  Break out the picture-hanging nails— it’s time to move in!