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Tips for maintaining your relationship when working on the road


Working on the road and maintaining your relationship at the same time can be very difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. We spend a lot of time on the road both apart and together. Because of that, we have learned some valuable tips for keeping up even while in two different places. Here are three tips to help you focus on your work while also maintaining your relationship back home.

Tip 1: Plan ahead.

Before ever getting in the car, or hopping on a plane, it is important to plan out your trip and determine what you will need while you travel. This planning ensures that you are able to focus on your work, and then in your free time you are able to pick up the phone and call home. So, to keep the stress low, think about all of your hardware needs and have your travel plans set in advance. The more planning you do, the more free time you will have to touch base.

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Tip 2: Set a call time.

Hopefully, your work travel plans will be regimented enough to allow a window of personal time every day. If they do, try to set a time to call one another that is convenient for both of you. Ideally, this would be at a time when you are not working, and your significant other is also not working. Setting an expectation and means of communication with one another is important to keeping things happy. We are rarely apart for more than a few days, but we need times to not only discuss work, but also to catch up on life. We make sure to find this time every day. If you cannot find time to talk every day, and if the trip is short enough, try to just communicate through texts until returning home; however, it is best if you talk about this option beforehand and make sure it is the backup for both of you.


Tip 3: Be flexible.

Remaining flexible doesn’t pertain just to you, but also your partner. If they aren’t as busy as you while you are traveling, have a conversation with one another about being understanding of each other’s schedules. Keeping a flexible mindset when on the road is the best way to keep harmony with each other. If you find yourself feeling frustrated, communicate with your partner and determine whether you either need more or less time for each other while traveling. Our good news and mindsets that we keep, especially for shorter trips, are our check-in methods. If one of us is too busy to get in a good call and catch up, we learn to be happy with a check-in that is under five minutes. It connects us, but doesn’t pull us too far from the present place we need to be in to get things done. We always know that we will see each other in a short time and can connect more fully then.

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No matter what you choose to do on the road, it is important that you and your partner understand that this is a limited time in your relationship, and that both parties share the sacrifice in communication. As long as there is open communication and clear expectations, you should be able to maintain your relationship while working on the road.